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What we can do for you

Strategic and
financial planning

We work together with you to develop your organisation's vision, strategic plan, business model and financial plan.

Organisational development

We help you build your organisation to become more effective and efficient, as well as to enable change and support its transformation.

Capacity building for teams

Working with your team, we identify needs and then create a programme to develop skills and improve performance.

Marketing Communications

We audit and develop your brand and marketing communications strategies to align with you organisation's priorities and, ultimately, increase your impact.

Mentoring and coaching

We offer mentoring for leaders and managers as part of their professional development.

Some of our clients

What our clients say about us

"I am so grateful for this experience and the valuable knowledge you gave us so generously. Your energy respected and encouraged us to start thinking harder about what we really want".
Lia Hakari
Director - Pelma, Nicosia, Cyprus
"You have captured the kaleidoscopic views of all involved and the challenges of the situation extremely well, and provided us with many constructive suggestions to work through. I greatly appreciate the understanding and sensitivity you have brought to this".
Prof. Jeremy Sanders
Chair - Storey’s Field Centre, Cambridge, UK
"Thank you for your moral and financial support and your advice! Last year you helped us out when we needed it most. It is greatly appreciated. Thanks to your aid we are still standing and not giving it up. With your help the story of Stanica is to be continued".
Robert Blasko
Manager - Stanica Cultural Centre, Zilina, Slovakia
"I want to thank you for all your input, support and energy. It helped me a lot, and it also helped us as a team and an organisation. Thanks to you and to Escalator we are now discussing what we want and need, we are planning our next steps to evolve. And the great thing is that everyone is on board and wants to do it".
Monika Skojcova
Poton Theatre & Cultural Centre, Bátovce, Slovakia
"Thanks a lot for your contribution with the feasibility study, you really helped us in a professional way".
Magdalena Titze
City of Lund, Sweden
"Working with the Olivearte's team makes you feel safe and, at the same time, still aiming higher. They are amongst the top professionals regarding strategy, project design and grant writing. I can recommend them to every cultural organisation. They will benefit from their knowledge".
Kristian Krog
Director - Maltfabrikken, Ebeltoft, Denmark
"Thank you very much for those very effective and nice two days in which you opened many doors in our heads".
Elisabeth Wuff-Werthner
Manager - Zentralwerk Cultural Centre, Dresden, Germany
"It was a really great experience for me to be on Escalator. I finally reestablished power and foresight over our company. We will
miss you very much".
Programme Participant
Escalator - Creative Industry Kosice, Slovakia

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