We are a European agency providing consultancy and training in the creative and arts sector.

Supporting our clients and partners to bridge the space between dreams and action for 20 years.

We work with

Non-profit cultural

We work with organisations that are established to develop and promote artistic and cultural work and are operated for a public benefit, such as Storey’s Field Centre in Cambridge, UK, for whom we conducted a 360-degree review and strategic options report.

Cultural and creative

We assist and accelerate the development of creative entrepreneurs and businesses. Since 2013 we have delivered Escalator, a unique capacity and professional development programme that we conceived to work with cultural and creative industry startups.

City and regional

We support the work of cities and regions with our deep knowledge of the European cultural and creative sectors. For example, we have produced cultural strategies and European Capital of Culture feasibility studies for cities such as Lund (Sweden) and Kosice (Slovakia).

We can help you

We have developed a unique methodology that has been a key factor in our successful support of more than 100 clients and beneficiaries. This is how we can help you:

  • Strategic and financial planning
  • Organisational development
  • Strategic marketing communications
  • Capacity building for teams
  • Mentoring of cultural leaders

By working with us, you will gain insights and perspectives that will provide you with the clarity and confidence you need to make the best decisions for your organisation.

We understand your challenges

You are lacking clarity about

the future direction of

your organisation.

Your organisation is affected by

internal and external circumstances

and you need a strategy for making

a transformation.

You need help identifying and

developing new opportunities.

Your organisation is in

financial difficulties or crisis.

Your team is missing knowledge,

skills or experience in key

strategic areas.

You, as a leader, are feeling alone,

exhausted or in need of an

external expert opinion.

We work together for your success.

Olivearte is a collective of three who work together as well as independently. We are not just consultants. We are foremost practitioners who understand the challenges and magic of the sector. 

We don’t just do our work. We are committed to unleashing the potential of cultural and creative organisations.

Our priority is to understand your context and needs, ensuring that we work together with you for your future success.